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A land with many faces

Over the coming weeks, I'll be posting stories and photos from Peru at my business blog: www.polymerstudios.com/blog. Some of the things on the itinerary:
To that last point, below are a few glimpses of Peru's many landcapes. For a really nice slideshow, I recommend searching on "Peru landscape" at Compfight, a great tool for searching on Flickr.

Sunrise in Machu Picchu, by thecsman

Lago Huacarpay, by Don Ball

Dunes outside Ica, by Don Ball

Streets of Pisaq, by Don Ball

Islas Ballestas, by Don Ball

Miraflores by night, by Don Ball

Paccha River Valley from above, by FundaciĆ³n Comunidad

Nanay, rio Nanay, by pierre pouliquin

Cordillera Central, by La Cronista de los Andes

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