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So, just how do you gracefully launch a blog?

Let's start with an introduction: I'm Don Ball Carbajal. By trade, I am a writer and partner at Polymer Studios, an interactive marketing firm in Minneapolis. I also work with a growing importer of traditional Andean textiles, Art Andes.

I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons, but mostly that I am simply smitten by the history, people, landscape and events of South America, particularly Peru and Ecuador. But with 4 kids, travel is a rare luxury. So, during these long travel droughts, I scour the Web and soak up books. Recently, I realized that all the trivia and oddities that were collecting in my head really needed to have an outlet.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find a single blog in the entire blogsphere devoted to the subject of South America. Sure, there are some wonderful sites and offline publications devoted to Latin America, but until now, nobody has deemed it a blogworthy subject. The closest I could find to an online journal is South America from A to Z at About.com.

And now, a quick statement of purpose and we'll be ready to do some serious blogging. Let's see... The purpose of the South American Journal is to educate... to illuminate... Aw, heck! It's a just a blog, people. So, just stop by on occasion and skim the headlines. If you like it, be sure to tell your friends about it.

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