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Rug merchants

Years ago, Melanie Ebertz began selling Andean handcrafts from a booth at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market. The rest of the year, she'd run things for the South American Explorer's Club in Lima and Quito. Today, her business has evolved into Art Andes, one of the top importers of traditional Peruvian textiles. By top, I don't mean high volume, but extremely high quality. We're talking alpaca and sheep's wool, spun by hand. Yarns that are hand-dyed using plants, bugs, mosses, etc. And traditional (even precolombian) patterns you'll never see at El Gran Mercado Inca. Many of the rugs are woven by Wilbur Quispe, a master weaver from the Ayacucho region. The result of all that trouble is a stunningly beautiful rug, so durable you can regularly throw it in the washing machine with no ill effects.

Dear Don,

I am so interested to know if it possible if someone from across the world to order the beautiful rugs through the internet. I checked out the Art Andes website but no info on this. Could you help me out here?

Yes, I'm sure my friend Melanie would be able to ship to you in Malaysia. I'm sure she takes credit card payments. If not, I could get her up and running on Pay Pal rather easily. I would recommend contacting her at melanie@artandes.com. Thanks for visiting my site!
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