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Heifers in Honduras

"Before you can qualify to receive an animal from Heifer Project International, you have to attend animal husbandry classes and construct an approved shelter for the animal. Herman Molina built a house for his cow that was better than the house where he was living, so he moved in with his cow! In keeping with the zero grazing policy of HPI, Herman cuts fodder and brings it to his cow. He says that the cow is housebroken and always asks to go out. Herman's cow is pregnant and when the calf is delivered, Herman will give it to another qualified villager in a ceremony that HPI calls "passing the gift." It was sunset when I walked up the hill to his house and the photos in the house are made with the Noctilux, wide open."

Photos and commentary by Tina Manley. See more of her photos of Herman Molina.

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