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Despots 'R Us

May Day parade in La Paz, Bolivia. AP photo. Thanks to Eduardo Avila.

Many years ago, I concocted a beautiful Fidel Castro Halloween costume, complete with fatigues, beard, 60s-era horn-rimmed glasses and cigar. When I arrived at the party in Northeast Minneapolis, I was greeted by shouts of "Hey, Saddam!"


When it comes to third-world leaders, there's a strange math that many Americans do in their heads and it goes something like this:

Fidel = Ché = Saddam = Qaddafi = Osama = Ayatollah Khomeni

However, the scene above tells me that we're not the only ones who would put revolutionary leaders, tyrants and political cranks in the same boat. I suppose that's how it works when you're staring down the business end of globalization. Anyone who gives the bird to the world powers (and gets away with it) is indeed a hero.

I did not take that photo, it was taken from the AP and Reuters via Yahoo! Photos.

I *wish* I took that photo, though.
Thanks, eduardo. I'll change the attribution before the lawyers descend upon me.
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