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Helping kids climb out of poverty

Colonia Ecologica's new building, in progress.

Colonia Ecologica, in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is a home for 17 orphans or former street children that "offers prevention, protection and promotion: preventing more children turning to street life, protection and safety in a happy family and promotion of responsibility and moral values."

Some of the girls of Colonia Ecologica.

Claire Hamnett and Gertjan Janszen, the British and Dutch wife-and-husband team who run Charity Bolivia, are trying to raise money for Colonia Ecologica by promoting an annual climb to Cerro Tunari, the mountain peak just outside of Cochabamba (below) during the students' holiday break in June. Approximately 13 of the children, ages 10-17 will be participating in the four-day hike.

Cerro Tunari, as seen from Cochabamba, Bolivia. It's 2 1/2 days to the peak and 1 1/2 days back.

Ah, the wonders of the Internet! You can donate even a small amount on Claire and Gertjan's site via Paypal. (You'd be amazed how far $10 will go in Bolivia!)

Great story there, and excellent pics, I just wish they were yours.

Will we see you down here volunteering in South America once you´re done with your US marketing degree, Don?
Maybe once my 4 kids are all grown up!
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