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Visca collecting rainwater, Moca, Republica Dominicana. Photo by Jezmin.

Jezmin recently returned to the Dominican Republic for her grandfather's funeral and took this picture. Her narrative follows...

"I shot this picture in my grandfather's house located in Moca, Dominican Republic.

This area is relatively poor and potable water is very scarce. My grandpa built this water tank many years ago to hold rain water.

Neighbours (especially women) regularly come by to carry water back to their homes, using big 'cans' as you see in the picture. They wrap a piece of clothing in their heads, arranged like a big donut, to support the can in their heads.

Since I was a child it was fascinating for me to see these women carrying the water so easily (and they looked so tall!). They also carried more things with them: sometimes a baby in one arm, and holding a child with the other.

And of course, they had perfect posture. The way they walked was very noble.

Visca is a Spanish petname for a person that is crossed-eyed. I've known Visca since I was a child, but I don't know her real name. I hadn't seen her for several years when I took this picture, and while she must be old, she hasn't aged a bit."

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