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Bien vestido

As long as we're rummaging through the family photo archives, here's my mother, Bertha Isabel Bernuy Carbajal, in 1955, walking through the arcade along Lima's Plaza de Armas, with my cousin Juan in tow.

Last week I stumbled onto a treasure trove of family photos from Lima in the 50s and 60s. Just like in the States, the men all wore suits and ties and the women wore dresses and heels -- even for informal family gatherings. Not only are those days long gone, but I doubt that they'll ever return.

Feeling nostalgic, hum?
Well, not so much for the 1950s, especially since I wasn't around back then. (Goofy iron-on T-shirts were the attire when I was growing up.) But I respect the 1950s for what it was and certainly admire the strong sense of style, although I'm glad that in this day and age, we don't have to dress up so much.
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