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Work, life and ice cream in Aguas Calientes, PerĂº. Photo by Don Ball Carbajal.

Aguascalientes is definitely an interesting place. There is this restaurant that serves the best cheese and onion sandwiches. At night, there's nothing to do but sit and watch the trains leave.
Yeah, it's a strange place, sitting underneath those overhanging, jungle draped mountains. The hot springs are quite the scene. Several years ago my brother-in-law and I met up with a very charismatic Peruvian who held court, with half the folks in the pool circled around him enjoy the English, Spanish and Portuguese banter. From the baths, the party moved on to a local nightclub, where we closed down the place. This guy ultimately convinced the staff to keep the place open until dawn so he could teach the last half-dozen of us how to do some pretty difficult Andean dance steps. That kind of stuff sure as heck doesn't happen where I live.
I love this photo! You get a real sense of the atmosphere and ambience. Like out of a movie!
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