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One-click care packages

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in a crazy idea from an earlier post, in which I described an online service, based in Lima, that I used for sending flowers and cakes to my abuelita. This same service also delivers baskets of basic food items -- noodles, rice, beans, milk, flour, sugar, etc.

So why can't we use this same service to fill the pantry of a needy family in Lima? We can. And that's what we're gonna do.

Rebecca, a blogging friend, responded by identifying two worthy recipients. One of the places is a children's refuge, where she currently volunteers.

So, if you've got a soft spot for children and can spare between $17 and $52, please read on! We'll show you what you can order, who you can send it to and how to make your purchase on Iquiero.com.

Step 1: Choose a recipient
Here are two worthy institutions that my friend Rebecca has been working with:

Las Laderas community kitchen
At Las Laderas, parents (mostly moms) have banded together to be able to feed and educate their kids more effectively.

Above, some moms prepare food in the community kitchen. Note the basic equipment and utensils, which are sometimes stolen.

The neighborhood outside does have electricity, but lacks most other basic services.

But kids are kids the world over. Here are some of the beautiful children who eat at the Las Laderas kitchen.

(these instructions show how to format this address when you order online)
Rosa Romero Sancho
Mz. E Lote 19
Las Lederas de Chillon
Puente Piedras, Lima 22
Local phone #: 551 0015

Zapallal children's refuge
The refuge is officially sponsored by Project Peru, a bonafide charity in England.

The kids at Zapallal get three squares a day, thanks to the donations of people from around the world.

They also get to spend time doing kid stuff -- putting on plays, learning crafts, jumping on trampolines, riding bikes, etc. -- all activities that poor kids in Perú rarely get to participate in.

(these instructions show how to format this address when you order online)
Lucinda Taboada Peña De Odar
Proyecto Peru
Mz. P2 Lt4 Calle Santa Patricia
El Dorado - Zapallal
Puente Piedra, Lima 22
Local phone #: 550 2209

Step 2: Choose a care package
Iquiero offers different sized "baskets" (do they include an actual basket? I'm not sure.) that include differing quantities of kitchen essentials. Logically, the bigger baskets include more stuff and a greater variety of stuff. Just click on any of the items below. You'll be taken to the appropriate product page on Iquiero.com. If you know Spanish, it'll be easy to check out and pay for your gift. Otherwise, you can download these printable, step-by-step instructions .

Grocery "Baskets"
(see below for different sizes)

The Complete Basket
This is the whopper and includes just about every comestible you can think of, from flour to beans to ketchup. Check out my earlier posting for a complete list. Cost: $52

The Premium Basket
Most of the same stuff as in the Complete Basket, but in smaller quantities. Cost: $40.10

The Pantry Basket
Fewer items, slightly smaller quantites. Still enough to make some great nutritious meaals. Cost: $35.60

The Economy Basket
A great choice if you're feeling a little tight on funds! Cost: $25.20

Combination Packages
(see below for different sizes)

Large combination package

Includes even more noodles, rice, evaporated milk and sugar. Cost: $17

Medium combination package

Includes noodles, rice, evaporated milk and sugar. Cost: $14

Small combination package
Includes noodles, rice & evaporated milk. Cost: $13

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