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Snap music inspection

It seems I've caught a music meme, which calls on me to describe my musical state of affairs.

1) Who passed it to me:
Eduardo at Barrio Flores

2) Total volume of music files in my PC:
49 GB

3) Last CD I bought:
Spymob - Sitting Around Keeping Score

4) Which song I'm currently listening
"Lazy Lover" by Brazilian Girls

5) Five songs I've been listening to frequently:

Geez, is this a schizophrenic list or what? And yes, I know that's more than five! Never could follow directions, anyway.

6) Pass this task to:

I cannot believe how much this meme has traveled, even more impressive is that bloggers that regularly do not meme are doing it. Excellent blog btw, I cannot wait to come back with time and read more.
Thanks for the kind words. I hope you return and post comments, if you feel so moved. As for the meme, it might be simply that people enjoy talking about themselves. At least, that's my weakness!
I am thinking of seeing J5, although lately there have been a lot of $25 shows.
Yeah, it all starts to add up quickly. Hey, I was pleasantly surprised how much we had in common music-wise! I know you were surprised that you didn't have any latin groups on your list, but there must be some acts you follow. I've been a big fan of Orishas, Ozomatli and Amigos Invisibles for some time, but they just weren't on my current playlist. And of course, I'll have to get my hands on some of that Aymara rap. Hey, as long as I've got you on the line, Eddie, do you know what they call that classical piano music that came of of Potosi in the 1800s? I once heard a tape of these compositions (they were all short, like 1-2 minutes in length), but I can't remember what they were called.

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