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How do you say yummy in Quechua?

Chunka iskayniyoq sumaj Qosqo mijunakuna (12 exquisite dishes from Cusco). Photo by Noemí Vizcardo Rozas.

Noemí Vizcardo Rozas is a Quechua-speaking lawyer in Lima who runs a blog called hablaquechua (translation: Speak Quechua). Also known as Runasimi, Quechua is the native tongue of more than 8 million native people in Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina.

Noemí's site is devoted to helping others learn the basics of Quechua language and culture. In a recent post, she described some of the traditional festival foods enjoyed by the people of Cusco during particular Catholic holy days in April and May.

Since we have a good number of Spanish-speaking readers here (read: I'm feeling a little bit lazy), I'll excerpt her description in its original Castellano.
For you language freaks, here is a great site about the current and endangered state of Quechua: How Endangered Is Quechua?

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