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Priceless view

For $60k, this could be the view off your porch every morning.

For sale: One recently-built mountain cottage in Sorata, Bolivia, just three hours (on a non-striking day) from LaPaz.

Asking price: US$63,000, negotiable.

Now, as Eduardo at Barrio Flores might attest, Bolivia is not in a happy place right now. But for 63 large one could almost afford to be wrong about the future of Bolivia.

I'd be first in line to snap up this place, but, sadly, blogging isn't the most lucrative business.

The owner (we presume) and his creation. Why is he selling?

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Is he giving you a cut for advertising his house? je je.

I am already planning on retiring to Bolivia. Although not in Sorata.
I know you're joking, but I should clarify that my intention is not to use my site to help anyone sell anything. Um, except through Google and Amazon. Ahem. But every once in a while I see a property for sale that from my vantage point in Flyover Territory, USA, seems like a dream.
That is a beautiful view. What is the "built into the hill" structure next to the house?
I'll bet it's the existing traditional house he mentions in his ad. I'd prefer to think it's an entrance to an ancient Inca tunnel that leads all the way to Cuzco. (That's for all you die-hard Tintin fans out there: http://tinyurl.com/8759v.) Nice to meet you, by the way, Michele. Was visiting my blog part of your new summer vacation? :-)
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