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Tropeiros are the famed muleteers of Brazil, who in the olden days transported goods over the Mantiqueira mountain chain of eastern Brazil. These days, descendants of the orginal tropeiros get together annually to celebrate and preserve their culture. And they come by horse. Tatiana Cardeal, a Brazilian photographer who has built a huge following on her Flickr site, recently documented a Tropeiro reunion. Her photos appear below.

The tropeiros come from many miles away.

Antônio Bastião and Zé Carlos (with straw cigarette) make coffee over a wood stove.

Seu Zé Bernardo, with his medal for having participated in the opening march.

Tatiana's commentary: "Maurício Bezerra Soares had a very interesting face to me and reminded me of a clown. Also, his hair seemed like his candies. He said, 'Tell them, I'm from the city of São José dos Campos' I don't know why, but it was very important for him."

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Great photos. Great blog. Hope to see more!
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Geez, thanks. You've given me a dose of inspiration. Perhaps enough to get this blog rolling again...

Hey, I looked at what you've been writing in your blog. You have a wonderful style. And it takes guts to write with such candor. I immediately subscribed and may leave some comments someday.

Say, have you seen Line of Sight, a blog by an American tourguide living in BA? His weekly wine reviews are great. Only problem is I can't get my hands on most of the wines he reviews. Hey, but you can!
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