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The aerial splendor of Mexico City

Helicopter pilot C.O. Ruiz is truly an eye in the sky. At his website Aerial Photographs of Mexico City, he offers a gallery of photos he has captured while flying over the Distrito Federal. For those of us who haven't been there before (and perhaps for those of us who have), it's a fascinating glimpse of this diverse megalopolis.

Are they new housing projects or a Hollywood CGI backdrop?

The "floating gardens" of Xochimilco, shrouded in morning mist.

They can't buy you happiness, but millions of pesos will get you your own spot in the sun.

Possibly the first aerial photo ever of a minibus-crypt collision.

This one just might be my favorite. Surrounded by the sprawl of the Chalco neighborhood, farmers work the interior of Xico crater as they probably have for centuries.

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