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I've died and gone to Lima

I just discovered this album, "Afro" by Novalima (thank you, KCRW), and had to download it immediately. I'm in heaven listening to these cuts, which are a modern, downtempo take on some Afro-Peruvian classics. According to their website, Novalima is a "production collective created in 2001 by four Peruvian musicians based in Hong Kong, London, Barcelona and Lima."

If you remember the album of Afro-Peruvian music David Byrne put out in the mid 90's, you'll certainly recognize the base sound and maybe even some of the specific tunes on "Afro." This album departs from the traditional sound by adding some salsa, son and cancion criolla to the mix, and then leavening the tracks with a heaping dose of new-skool samples, beats and synth riffs.

I still have lots more listening to go, but if you like other fusion artists like Sidestepper, Bossacucanova and Gotan Project, this is a disc you should probably check out.

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