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A rousing game of...frog

Playing Sapo at a Chicheria, Cusco, 1932. Photo by Martin Chambi.

In Latin America they call it Sapo, or frog. It goes by other names in Europe, where it most likely originated, despite some elaborate Peruvian legends that involve Inca nobilty throwing gold coins into Lake Titicaca to court the favor of magical frogs.

The game is simple, surprisingly fun (more so if it involves beer). You take turns tossing brass medallions at an upright wooden chest with open slots along the front. Only on top of the chest are a series of holes, as well as a brass frog. Get your coin in the frog's mouth and you win big points. Getting your coin in one of the holes and you score according to the hole your coin dropped in.

For Peruvians who long for the drunken Sapo games of their youth, Sapo Miami imports and sells Sapo sets for $75 to $200.

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Do you know if Sapo Miami is still in business? By the way, my wife is from Arequipa and we live in Int'l Falls, MN. aqpifalls@hotmail.com Thankyou.
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