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Peruvian fountain of youth?

Rebeca Roa Alva at her 107th birthday. Photo courtesy of Trome.

I've told some of you that my dear old abuelita credited her old age (she lived to 95-ish) to onions and strong drink ("cebolla y trago"). But here's a woman who's considerably older, and whose recipe for long life is very Andean. The 107-year-old, quechua-speaking Rebeca Roa Alva eats lima beans, quinoa, kiwicha and amaranth and chews coca on a daily basis.
BTW, Alejandro, who runs two blogs, Peru Food and LAX-LIM, has become my favorite blogger of late. If I can pin him down for an interview and get him to reveal his true identity, I'll be sure to do a write up on his growing enterprise.

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Hey Don!

What a surprise. Glad you liked this post on this almost forgotten blog of mine. I'm thinking of collapsing some other blogs onto this one. Do you think people can handle a bilingual blog?

My real identity? Ha! Send me an email, believe me, I don't have a secret persona.

Un abrazo,

Peru Food
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