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Ready to start telling some tales

Padre y hija, visiting in the Plaza de Armas, Lima.

Having blogged about the run-up to mine and Sophie's trip to Peru, and having done no posting since we left in June, I feel like perhaps some reportage is owed to you, dear reader. As I explained to Alejandro at PeruFood, besides being overwhelmed with work upon my return, I was kind of "peru-ed out." (He said he didn't understand what I meant.)

But we're all better now. So, over the next few weeks, as time permits, I'll start posting some vignettes of our experience. Meanwhile, allow me to enumerate some highlights of the trip:

Week 1

We spent at my aunt's house in the Pueblo Libre neighborhood of Lima, mostly spent eating, cabbing around the city and generally getting to know the megalopolis that is Lima.

Quick observations:

Beauty is in the nostrils of the beholder.
Week 2
We flew to Cusco, made it as far as Pisaq, but were sick as dogs the whole time, thanks to Atahualpa's revenge, or, altitude sickness. After three days, we retreated back to sea level and salvaged the week by heading south along the desert coast, hitting Pisco, the Islas Ballestas, Ica, Huacachina and Nasca.

Quick observations:

Surfer grrl. Sophie tries her foot at snowboarding near Huacachina.
Weeks 3 and 4
We hung in Lima some more, making sure to catch most every game in the World Cup finals and then took an impromptu trip to Iquitos and the Ceiba Tops lodge, about an hour or so downstream. A sweaty but amazing time was had by all!

Quick observations:

Two creatures who greatly enjoy sleeping. (Not the best image quality, but undoubtedly my favorite picture from the trip!)
Stay tuned for stories, pictures and video!

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