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Hey, it really works!

Care package, delivered safe and sound. Photo by Rebecca Verner.

A few weeks ago, I followed my own advice (see "One-click care packages") and used the Peruvian e-commerce site, Iquiero.com to have a care package delivered to the Zapallal children's refuge in Lima where my blogging friend Rebecca was volunteering. I ordered on a Sunday night and it arrived on a Tuesday, in time for Rebecca's tearful farewell.

So, it turns out that you can get quite a bit with $65, namely a Scooby-Doo cake that serves 20+, assorted pastries, nine bottles of pop and some assorted staples like rice and beans (to make a healthy meal when the kids come down from their sugar high). According to Rebecca, "The kids had to suffer through staring at that cake until well after dinner before they could have their faces plastered with multi coloured frosting!"

¡Azúcar! The kids of Zapallal, feeling the rush. Photo by Rebecca Verner.

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